Writing good copy is an art form all of its own, not only in making sure the tone is right for your particular audience, but also in determining what the right length a particular piece of written communication, eg. a press release should be. And, not forgetting, checking for those all important spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Whether it’s a blog or a press release, website copy or a script, you can be assured it will be both engaging and suitable for your audience.

Your website is your shop window, whether you’re selling your skills, a service or a product.

Imagine the internet as the biggest shopping centre in the world. If customers don’t know the location of your shop, they’re not going to pass your window, let alone come in and browse. So your website has got to be visible in search engine rankings (or SEO for short).

Whatever your business, I use words to create pictures and I tell stories which connect with your customer at a personal level.

You’ll know if you’ve read About Me that I love asking questions. I will ask you a lot of questions. About you. And about your product or service.

And, most important of all, about your clients or customers. What are they looking for? I aim to “get under their skin”, so that what they read offers solutions to the questions they’re asking themselves.

“We’ve worked with Liz on copywriting for both our b2c and b2b websites.  Liz completed these projects to brief, deadline and on budget, and provided added value by providing us with additional recommendations on how our copy (which was being pulled from a variety of sources) could be standardised, deliver stand out and fundamentally be accessible to the reader.  Liz has been great to work with and her experience in copywriting resulted in successful content outputs for both our web projects.”

Johanna Maciver, Marketing Communications Manager – Digital & Social Media, Glasgow City Marketing Bureau